Digital cameras offer today's photographer fully automatic point-and-shoot images -- but only when the lighting is ideal. Otherwise, obtaining great digital color is just as complex as shooting film because all the same rules apply.

How can CameraTrax™ can help?
  • Get better Color Balance using CameraTrax™ 24ColorCard products
  • Automate your color-correction using CameraTrax CTColorFix software
  • Really understand the digital image process
  • Use CameraTrax™ free tools to your camera's image clarity limits
  • Use CameraTrax™ free tools to check your photo printer's resolution limits
  • Discover what size to print, not to print and why
  • Decipher digital camera terminology

CameraTrax™ is focused on clarifying the technical limits of digital photography
so you can get the most from your camera and printer.

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