CameraTrax™ Policies

CameraTrax™ is dedicated to providing high quality products that technically exceed photographic color resolution, precision and accuracy requirements at a very affordable price by focusing on technologies that perform well while not wasting your money on frills that provide little value. CameraTrax products are designed, developed and manufactured in the US.

CameraTrax™ can generally ship unit quantities the same day as the order is received. For small quantities, there may be a day or two wait for shipping. For large quantities, please contact CameraTrax™ for estimates.

The CameraTrax™ site is SSL secured for all transactions and all purchase information is encrypted before being processed by the Braintree credit processing company. No CC data is copied or saved.

Your information is and will remain completely private and will never be given or sold to other businesses or individuals for marketing purposes; that is not in the interest of either you or CameraTrax™.

CameraTrax™ provides a 30-day refund return policy for manufacturing defects as long as the damage is clearly a defect in manufacturing or caused by the shipper. However, CameraTrax™ is confident in its Quality Assurance manufacturing procedures that you should not be concerned about receiving products containing defects.

If you have questions, please EMail.

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