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Photography is a captivating experience and learning to visualize what the camera will capture can take a lifetime of experience. However, immediate improvement with digital cameras is possible just by understanding how the process works.

I migrated from film to digital in the late 90's when digital photo printing became readily accessible. However, the nuances of this new digital media were definitely not as clear as the lens I looked through. Fortunately, being an engineer, I was instinctively driven to learn the details behind the digital photography process, learn its advantages and discover how to minimize its limitations. In the end, the goal is to keep the technical from interfering with the creative process.

This site is a result of my research into how to improve my photography by understanding those details. CameraTrax™ products and techniques are all designed to offer practical means for passing the results of that research and practical exploration on to other photographers.

I hope you enjoy browsing this site.

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