24ColorCard FAQ

What are the sRGB calibration values ?

The CTrax OneSnapColor™ 3x5 and 4x6 products provide the actual print-measured sRGB color values for every color patch; including the GreyBalanceCard. These values are NIST-traceable (as of 20160901 date code products) for consistently accurate color. The CTrax 2x3 cards are manufactured to the same quality standards, but do not provide the measured sRGB data. However, the average default 2x3 data is printed in the User Guide.

Here are some additional card quality details:
  • Achieving accurate calibrated color provides very repeatable color reference
  • As the GreyBalanceCard page shows, white-balance alone can have significant error.
  • The inks are very stable with a Wilhelm Research rating at over 30 years for under-glass storage at 450 lux (12hrs/day) exposure
  • The 24ColorCard is constructed from all acid-free materials
  • Yes, it is best not to leave any color card out in the sun, but from measurments with the 24ColorCard, even with direct, high-temperature, mid-day sun UV, the color shift is limited to <+0.05% per hour of exposure.
  • Accurate neutral GreyBalanceCard color minimizes post-processing color correction time at your computer.
  • As the PrinterTest page shows, visual color resolution can easily be much worse.
  • Color photography is a very subjective art and individual perception of color can easily dominate all other errors. Starting with accurate color eliminates that concern.