24ColorCard FAQ

What is the 24ColorCard ?

  • The 24ColorCard / GreyBalanceCard provide an easy to use color reference for:
    • Performing an accurate, custom white-balance on your digital camera
    • Providing an accurate color reference for photos using that CWB
  • The GreyBalanceCard and 24ColorCard references make it easy to dramatically improve your photos shot under less than ideal light.
  • The OneSnapColor™ 3x5 and 4x6 24ColorCard reference printed RGB color patch data is traceable to a NIST color reference to assure accurate color values for every card.
  • The 24ColorCard does not guarantee these more accurate colors will match your own color perception or your artistic expression -- they just make the workflow easier.
  • By starting with more accurate color from your digital camera, you will make better use of your camera's dynamic range and reduce the amount of computer correction necessary.
  • By capturing an accurate color reference photo, you can perform a first-pass correction to your camera's images and quickly get closer to your final atristic result.
  • No color reference card can replace artistic experience or the subjective adjustments possible with Photoshop. However, the 24ColorCard, with GreyBalanceCard, provides an easy and inexpensive path to making your photogrpahic goals easier to achieve.