Automatic Full-Spectrum Color-Correction Software

The Only Color-Reference based Full-Color Correction for JPEG Digital Photos

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CameraTrax 24ColorCard Reference Data
  • CameraTrax Cards have measured color data for each S/N
  • The CameraTrax Server knows the precise colors of your CameraTrax 24ColorCard
  • You only need provide the Card Type and S/N of your Card
  • The CameraTrax Server uses the data to assure accuracy
  • CameraTrax 3x5 and 4x6 Cards include the NIST-Cal color data
  • Auto mode is fine as long as the light is uniform
  • 'Cloudy', 'Indoor', etc settings are fine - just be consistant
  • If the light is poor, the CameraTrax Grey-Balance card can help
Other 24 Color Cards
  • CTColorFix will also work with 'generic' 24 Color Cards
  • However, using a 'generic' color card means using 'default' color data
  • Unless ... you have a LOC-Class license and card calibration data
    • Then, the Patch Editor is available to set the patch reference colors
  • 24 Color Layout
    • CameraTrax ColorCards are contsructed with the most common color layout
    • Other 24 color cards MUST have the exact same color patch layout
    • The patch colors MUST be a very close match to CameraTrax Cards
    • There may be additiional color-correction errors