The Only
Automatic Full-Spectrum Color-Correction Software
for JPEG digital photos

CTColorFix Release 2.12

How it Works

Use your 24 Color Reference Card
  • The CameraTrax Server knows the precise colors of your CameraTrax 24ColorCard
  • You only need provide the Card Type and S/N of your ColorCard
Select your Camera Settings
  • CTColorFix only works with JPEG images (RAW is not yet processed)
  • Auto mode is fine as long as the light is uniform
  • 'Cloudy', 'Indoor', etc settings are fine - just be consistent
  • If the light is poor, the CameraTrax Grey-Balance card can help
Take a Card Photo
  • Take a photo of your ColorCard and then photograph your Subject
    • Your Card and your Subject must have the same light
    • Ensure your Card is uniformly illuminated
    • Do NOT allow anything to cast a shadow on the Card
    • If the light changes significantly, take another Card Photo
Transfer your Photos from Camera to Computer
  • Transfer your photos to your computer
    • Group your photos by lighting
    • Each Group will have a Card Photo plus Subject Photos
    • Use a separate Dir/Folder for each Photo Group
    • Do not use one Card Photo with a different Group (wrong light)