Automatic Full-Spectrum Color-Correction Software

The Only Color-Reference based Full-Color Correction for JPEG Digital Photos

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Amazon (Standard)
Amazon (Advanced)

Standard & Advanced License Options

FREE Download (Default Demo-Mode)
  • Default 'demo-mode' download is free
  • Program is fully operational for testing all functions
  • All functions work on photos included with the download
  • Limitation: CTColorFix will not analyze or correct your own photos
Standard License (Internet-based color analysis)
  • The CameraTrax Server will perform Color Analysis on your own photos
  • Includes all features found in Free Demo Download except ...
  • Requires WEB access for all Color Analysis
  • Does not include the Patch Editor, Anneal or Image Crop functions
Advanced License ('Stand-Alone' Color Analysis)
  • Includes ALL features
  • Color Analysis performed locally on your computer (generally faster)
  • Can be better option than WEB license when traveling
  • Includes the Patch Editor, Anneal and Image Crop functions