24ColorCard FAQ

Will it work with Picasa ?

Yes, the 24ColorCards will work with Picasa.

Here is the procedure specific to Picasa 3.8:

Step #1: take your photos
  • Shoot the GreyBalanceCard and set the camera's Custom White-Balance
  • Photograph the 24ColorCard using at least half the image frame
  • Shoot any other photos you like using these same lighting conditions
Step #2: in Picasa
  • Bring up the 24ColorCard photo in Picasa 3.8
  • Crop the image to include only the color patches of the 24ColorCard
  • Save the cropped image to a new file
  • Select View, Use Color Management and then select the Tuning tab
  • Select the Neutral Color Picker, then click on the LtGrey Patch
  • Use the Color Temperature slider to best overlap-match the RGB histogram
  • Adjust the Highlights and Shadows until the histogram shows some clipping
  • Add Fill Light for whites, then select Edit and Copy All Effects
  • Select photos from the same shoot to correct
  • Select Edit and then Paste All Effects