Camera Analysis ...

Want Some Clarity ?
  • I love my Canon 40D DSLR and I'm glad I switched to digital.
  • But, I was surprised my photo clarity is <50% of its Mpix Rating.
  • So, is the Mpix advertising a lie ?
  • Well, it isn't exactly telling the whole story.
  • Yes, the 40D does return 3888x2592 (10.078M) pixels
  • No, the Point-n-Shoot Clarity is nowhere close to 10 Mpix !
  • But ... the Answer is in the details ...
So, where is the problem ?
  • The aperture was f-8 so there was ample depth of focus.
  • Auto-focus was off to avoid accidental error and vibration.
  • The ISO was set to 125 in Av mode and the 40D was on a tripod.
  • The 40D was also in SuperFine (L) (3888x2592 pix).
  • Lighting was with 5000K lamps and the exposure was short.
  • The Canon 28mm lens has AF but no Image Stabilizer.
  • But the 40D was mounted on a tripod, so it was stable.
  • Clearly, the 40D's settings are not to blame.