Camera Analysis ...

What about using RAW mode ?
  • RAW mode has the same 3888x2592 pixels as JPEG but avoids the lossy compression of JPEG. However, since RAW requires 22.9MB/image, and JPEG is 2.2MB/image, there are storage costs.
  • These images show a TIF conversion of the RAW 40D file which avoids the distortion (compression artifacts) of JPEG.
  • So, under the same conditions as the JPEG images, RAW shows 50% readability at 47x47pix for an Effective Camera Clarity of 6.2Mpix.
  • So, JPEG only decreases image clarity by 10% but costs over 10x in file size ?
  • Not quite ...
40% 43x43 pix
50% 47x47 pix
60% 53x53 pix
70% 57x57 pix